The beginning

I guess the sensible place to start is at the beginning. How did I find this lifestyle? What attracted me to it?

Mr Alabaster and I both grew up in homes quite typical of the 1950’s; our mothers both stayed home to care for the children and the home while our fathers worked outside of the home. Both of us had quite large families with multiple children and lived regionally limiting the options for childcare or employment. At times over the years both of our mothers had small jobs such as party plan or working in small businesses but it was almost assured that when we’d return from school Mum would be waiting ready to run the afternoon and evening routine. I often wonder how they managed, I myself only have two children and the evenings are always interesting watching the toddler so he doesn’t cause too much chaos and ensuring Miss 7 has completed all of her necessary tasks while organising dinner and coordinating it all with the arrival of Mr Alabaster home from work. I often fail spectacularly, but we are working on it.

Living such a lifestyle initially caused a lot of angst from myself. I have always been a motivated, goal driven person and living what seems like groundhog day often started to really take its toll. Towards the beginning of 2016 I found a group of like-minded women online and started to really appreciate the opportunity I have been given to be able to stay home with the children and started to see my whole life in a new light.

Those who know me know that I am not one to ever do things by halves and inspired by all of the beautiful women I had chanced upon, I decided that I was going to start putting some more effort into appreciating what I was doing each and every day. Although I might not be going into a corporate office, motherhood is often referred to as the hardest job in the world. A sentiment I agree whole-heartedly with, I decided it was time to start taking it more seriously, and like any other job I would be required to start dressing the part.

All it took was one dress, just one dress my husband purchased me to attend a dress up party as a ‘Retro-Housewife’ and I was hooked. I started dressing myself every day to the standard I would if I was to be attending work outside the home and suddenly my whole life changed. People treated me differently in shopping centres, I treated my home differently, I took more care and attention with the smaller details I had been overlooking for years. They say Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life; I agree because honestly I love shoes (and this is a great excuse to buy more – sorry honey.) For me however, it was a dress. I haven’t looked back….. so tell me; what has changed your life for the better?

Miss Ruby x


3 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. “I often fail spectacularly, but we are working on it.” – LOL, I love this. And, actually, I love the whole post! Our wardrobe really does make a difference, doesn’t it? I do my makeup 99% of the time even though I only leave my house 2-3 days per week (my husband and I share the van and we homeschool so we need to be home as much as we are). Even if my makeup isn’t done for most of the day, I absolutely make sure it’s done before my husband gets home from work. Why? Because I want to be an improvement from what he’s been looking at all day (other men, lol) It makes him happy to see me dolled up, though I do fail pretty much all the time on that one (yoga pants and t-shirts…) but I’d love to start wearing prettier things to go with my made-up look. Thanks for the motivation!


    1. I try to do a few make up free days to let my skin breathe personally but that’s an awesome effort! The challenge here will be still having the motivation to look nice after I start going to the gym very soon haha


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