Miss Wings and Wheels 2016

After taking the stage for my debut as Miss Ruby with some beautiful girls who I count among my closest Pin Up friends I was hooked. Pin Up became even more ingrained into my lifestyle, I have spent many hours deciding on the perfect outfit, finding matching accessories and deciding on the perfect look.

Shortly following Miss Redcliffe I qualified as a finalist in the 2016 Miss Wings and Wheels held in October at the Caboolture Airfield. I was a barrel of nerves as the date loomed closer and closer, but you can always count on your Pin Up friends to help you feel at ease. My gorgeous friend Miss Harlow and I often joke about how our friendship bloomed over a common obsession with The Cherry Dollface, but truthfully it’s because Miss Harlow and her Pin Up family (and actual family – how cool is that?) are some of the most supportive and loving people I have ever met. Miss Harlow, Miss Gatito and the lovely Miss Tempest Storm have always welcomed me with open arms; and I like to refer to myself as the long-lost cousin that you see at family reunions. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad comparison. The girls I have made friends with over these short few months are such an amazing and supportive network I would consider many of them my Pin Up family.


Whilst everyone looked stunning and the judges would have had a very difficult time selecting a winner. The Flying Pin Up aptly took the title with her amazing Rosie the Riveter rendition; after literally flying to and from the competition in a plane! While Miss Lulu Belle taught us all that experience isn’t everything taking Runner Up in her very first pageant.


A special mention must go out to Miss Kitten Darling from The Australian Pinup Collective (on Facebook and Instagram) who was one of the judges on the panel for Miss Redcliffe. I was so incredibly excited to receive a friend request from her, it truly made me feel included and like I could definitely be part of the Pin Up world. My husband can verify that after triple checking that I wasn’t seeing things I did a victory lap around my kitchen. Imagine my excitement when I got to take the stage with her at Miss Wings and Wheels, absolutely breathtaking. Miss Kitten Darling has always been an instrumental part of my journey so far, always available for advice or encouragement or just a show of support when you start questioning yourself. What I found the most beautiful quality of all about Miss Kitten Darling is that she is the most humble woman you will ever meet, she often forgets that she is such an inspiration to so many of us. She is running a pageant later this month for new Pin Ups (Miss Rust and Chrome) and I can personally guarantee that it will be an amazing experience for every entrant, I’m looking forward to coming along and supporting such a truly beautiful lady both inside and out in her endeavours.

So tell me, who do you admire and why?



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