Redlands Rockabilly Revival

So what have I been up to since that first pageant? I’ve gone on to compete in another four pageants placing twice; Second Runner Up for Miss Tuff Metal 2016 and Runner Up for Miss Peak Pin Up. I’ve attended charity events, modelled in a fashion parade, attended social gatherings and had a number of photo shoots. Most recently I was a finalist in the Pin Up parade held at the second annual Redlands Rockabilly Revival.


Redlands Rockabilly Revival is one of the major events in the Brisbane Kustom Kulture scene with around 7000 in attendance this year with the threat of storms and blistering heat not deterring revellers. The event offered all things you could dream of; excellent food, rockin’ tunes, amazing shopping and hot cars. The only thing missing was the outdoor air-conditioning, as described by Miss Harlow – if someone could invent that soon I would be eternally grateful. Of course one of the highlights of the day though was the fashion parade with the hall being completely filled with those eager to see what outfits the girls had selected.


Each of the 15 finalists selected their own outfit to model and there was no shortage of styles. One of the things I love best is that we are all given the same brief and everyone interprets it their own way and puts their own spin on it to make it unique. This year’s parade including everything from a Spanish/Mexican influence (made by the talented Miss Angela Misfit herself) all the way through to a vintage flight attendant’s outfit.


So with all of these great choices in mind what fashion are you most hoping to see at the upcoming Rust & Chrome event?


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